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Score a single Apple AirTag with AR precision finding at $25

All of Friday's best deals are now headlined by a chance to score AirTags at the best price of the year of $25 each. Plus ...
9to5mac.com | 16 hours ago
Motorola's Razr+ Gives the Classic Flip Phone a New Lease on Life

Motorola has introduced the next generation of its nostalgic Razr flip phone with a premium modern update, titled the ...
hypebeast.com | 15 hours ago
Apple’s new 14-inch M2 Pro MacBook Pro falls to its best price yet

All of today's best deals are now headlined by a $250 discount on the M2 Pro MacBook Pro at $1,749, plus more.
9to5mac.com | 1 day ago
Sony Xperia Pro-I II Leaked Images Hint at Two 1-Inch Rear Camera Sensors

A line drawing of the purported Sony Xperia Pro-I II was shared by a user on Weibo, giving us a glimpse at the phone's rear ...
www.gadgets360.com | 23 hours ago
People are just realizing iPhone has hidden ‘fast charge’ – check your plug adapter right now

A LITTLE-KNOWN trick can help iPhone users charge their devices way faster. It can be frustrating when your iPhone loses ...
www.thesun.co.uk | 1 day ago
The new Motorola Razr+ phone is stunning — and we got to try it

Motorola just announced not one but two new Razr flip phones, both with foldable displays that flip open just like your Dad’s ...
edition.cnn.com | 8 days ago
Xiaomi OLED Vision TV is nearly 60% cheaper: Check deal

The Xiaomi OLED Vision TV is now retailing with a tempting discount as a part of Xiaomi's Super Saver Sale 2023 deal ...
www.newsbytesapp.com | 18 hours ago
Motorola Razr 40, 40 Ultra: Bigger cover display, SD 8+ Gen 1, 30W charging

The new Motorola Razr 40 and 40 Ultra are here featuring a much better design, modern hardware, and appealing price tags.
www.noypigeeks.com | 8 days ago
I tried ultra-fast charging, and it's ruined the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy for me

Not all smartphone changes have tangible benefits, but the trend toward faster charging is a genuinely great one.
www.yahoo.com | 6 days ago
Here's how fast the Motorola Razr will charge

With the new Razr and Razr+, you might be wondering how fast the new devices are able to charge. Well, luckily, both have the ...
www.msn.com |
Creative Pebble Pro review: A luxe upgrade to budget speakers

The Pebble Pro has a nifty trick—you can pass the feed from a 3.5mm microphone through them when in USB mode, which lets you ...
www.msn.com |
Iconic Motorola Razr phone is back with big upgrades Samsung can't match

Motorola has just unveiled its new Razr 40 Ultra flip phone which includes a big-screen upgrade the Galaxy can't beat.
www.express.co.uk | 6 days ago
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