Corals - latest news (June 10, 2023)

To restore reefs dying in warming seas, UAE turns to coral nurseries

Restoration efforts are underway in the United Arab Emirates as coral reefs face threats in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of ... | 1 day ago
Meet the ex-poachers restoring the Indonesian coral reefs they destroyed

Illegal fishing methods became popular in the Spermonde Islands as the demand for fish and exotic corals spiked. | 18 hours ago
Restoring corals in Abu Dhabi: Marine scientists working to revive colorful reefs

On a boat off the coast of an island near Abu Dhabi, marine scientist Hamad al-Jailani feels the corals, picked from the reef ... | 23 hours ago
Did You Know That Corals Are Animals? Here Are 10 Fun Facts About Them

June, is World Ocean Day so let’s get to know our corals better and what we can do to help save them from extinction. | 2 days ago
AI offers new approach to help cold-water corals

My PhD at UCC’s School of Biological Earth & Environmental Sciences looked at the environments where cold-water corals live. | 2 days ago
Efforts underway to restore UAE's coral reefs

Restoration efforts are underway in the United Arab Emirates as coral reefs face threats from warming waters and pollution. | 1 day ago
Deep-sea corals and sponges in the Fundian Channel

At the Fundian Channel-Browns Bank, the Bay of Fundy spills out – via an undersea channel – into the larger ocean. As the ... | 2 days ago
Meet Venkatesh Charloo, the banker turned diver, saving Goa’s corals

Venkatesh Charloo quit his banking job in Hong Kong, returned to India and decided to transplant coral fragments to help the ... | 1 day ago
Over 1,000 corals seized in Laguna, 3 arrested

Over a thousand pieces of corals that were allegedly being sold online were seized by authorities in Laguna. | 2 days ago
Three-Quarters of Corals Will Likely Be Diseased in Under a Century

Research suggests warming temperatures will see nearly 80 per cent of coral in reefs diseased in the next 80 years. | 3 days ago
Across China: Planting corals on seabed to rescue marine gem

Liao, a senior engineer of marine environmental protection, meticulously plants and repairs corals, nurturing their growth with the vision of transforming them into vibrant underwater forests in the ... | 23 hours ago
Corals key in study of ocean warming

Knowing that corals thrive within a narrow range of temperatures, and thinking about the future, she is returning to see how ... | 7 days ago
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