Foreclosed - latest news (June 10, 2023)

How to buy a foreclosed home

Heard that you can score a great deal when you buy a foreclosure home? Buying foreclosed homes soared in popularity during ... | 8 days ago
43 Michigan counties agree to pay millions to former owners of foreclosed properties

Forty-three Michigan counties have agreed to return what will likely be tens of millions of dollars from the sale of ... | 9 days ago
If Your Property Was Foreclosed, You May Be Entitled to Compensation

After the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision last week, many property owners across the state who were foreclosed on might be ... | 9 days ago
Relief for Missouri man fighting execution for jailhouse killings foreclosed by high court

The justices denied multiple applications seeking to block the Tuesday execution linked to the killing of two jailhouse ... | 3 days ago
Nonprofit Alliance Of Consumer Advocates Helps Homeowner Avoid Foreclosure Thru A 'Family Gift Of Equity' Strategy.

“We cant help everyone get a voluntary loan modification from every lender, but we can help everyone avoid getting foreclosed upon if they just trust in us and work hand in hand with our staff” says ... | 11 hours ago
Southridge negotiations stretch on, delay Boston Store redevelopment

Restrictions placed on Southridge Mall more than 50 years ago continue to hamper Greendale’s efforts to redevelop its former ... | 13 hours ago
Detroit launches new city department to help residents find housing

Detroit residents in unstable housing or at risk of being displaced will soon have help from a new city office designed to ... | 15 hours ago
Tom Petty’s family accuses auction house of listing his ‘stolen’ clothes for sale

Musician’s family says items for sale are ‘clearly stolen’, but Boston auction house claims it bought them after Petty’s ... | 25/05/2023
Mechanic Falls foreclosed on property, but can it keep the sale money?

The Town Council on Monday night accepted the high bid of $40,400 for the .7 acre lot at 83 Pigeon Hill Road, which was foreclosed on due to unpaid taxes. But according to a unanimous U.S. Supreme ... | 4 days ago
How Property Tax Foreclosure Accelerates Gentrification and Magnifies the Racial Wealth Gap

Non-white homeowners are at disproportionate risk of losing their homes over unpaid property taxes, shows new research from ... | 4 days ago
Supreme Court Rules Government Can't Keep Profits From Tax-Foreclosed Homes

If your local government seizes your property and sells it at an auction over unpaid taxes, they’re no longer allowed to keep ... |
WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Every 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star who only appeared in one season

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" was the first franchise in the "Real Housewives" universe and has had 26 full-time ... | 2 days ago
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